Our Shepherd Lutheran School



Our Shepherd Trojans is a member of North Suburban Lutheran Athletic Association.

Sports offered at Our Shepherd Lutheran School:

  • 5-8 Boys Soccer
  • 5/6 and 7/8 Girls Volleyball
  • 5/6 and 7/8 Girls and Boys Basketball
  • Track
  • Cross Country



Our Shepherd Lutheran School has at the core of its existence the purpose of strengthening children in their faith that they may grow in knowledge of their Savior and in love and service to Him and others. The aim of Our Shepherd’s athletics is to teach and develop physical skills, mental discipline, Christian character and sportsmanship, and a striving spirit for Christian living.

Participation in Our Shepherd’s athletics is a privilege granted to spirit-filled, exemplary students who demonstrate skill in a given sport. Through participation in interscholastic sports, students will be encouraged to be the best that they can be to the glory of God.


  1. To glorify God in all that is done on and off the playing field.
  2. To help instill the priority that God is always first: God, family, school, and athletics.
  3. To realize that certain rules are necessary and how to abide by these rules.
  4. To learn the importance of cooperation and the need to respect the rights of others, to win with grace and humility, and to accept defeat with poise and dignity.
  5. To recognize that the use and development of physical skills and talents is good Christian stewardship.
  6. To improve the athlete’s overall physical condition and specific athletic skills.
  7. To prepare athletes for high school level athletics.
  8. To provide a positive athletic experience for each athlete and to encourage a lifelong enjoyment of sports and recreational activities.