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What is the PTL

The Parent Teacher League

Our Shepherd’s PTL strives to excel in the areas of educational, school supportive and fellowship oriented activities. Our purpose is to promote the welfare of our children by bringing together the home and school, through the fostering of cooperation and understanding.

Each member of our PTL play a vital role in the success of our school as a whole. Ensuring that the needs of our children will be met, our members continually fulfill the expectations of Time, Talent and Treasure support.

The PTL also manages several fundraising opportunities here at Our Shepherd.  Please look in Support OSL in the Parent Portal for a description of the Market Day and Scrip program.

Time and Talents

The foundation of the program is this: All families of children who attend Our Shepherd need to donate a minimum of 10 hours of their time throughout the school year. The program is set up for each family to earn credits for the many different ways they contribute to the school. This time can be spread out among different events and service areas.

Determining What Counts

A few simple guidelines will help you understand what counts – and what doesn’t – in the Time and Talent Program. First of all, keep in mind that 10 hours is not a lot of time when divided into 10 months! The easiest way to know if your service time counts is if the activity is a general school event or PTL function. If the function is an elective program, rather than something that a class or group of classes does traditionally with the teacher, staff or PTL support (for example, band, scouts, chess club, sports) then the hours you spend supporting these functions would not count against your Time and Talents balance. 

Tracking Your Time

Every family’s name will be on a index card within a card catalog that will be kept in the library. All you’ll need to do is pull your family’s card, write down the date, activity, and hours served, and place the card back into the card file. We are so thankful for the many families of Our Shepherd Lutheran School, and for the unique gifts and abilities which each family brings in service to our Lord and Savior! May God bless all of us, and may He continue to bless the mission and ministry of Our Shepherd.

Contact: Scott Lewis


2017-2018 PTL Events
August 27th
Back to School BBQ 12:30pm
September 12th
General PTL Membership Meeting/Curriculum Night 6:30pm
October 6th
School Walk-a-thon Fall Fundraiser 9-11:30am
October 13st
Rollerskating Party – Skateworld of Troy 5:15-7:15pm
October 28th
Parent Work Session 8am-12
November 10th
Mom's Night Out 7pm
December 8th
Cookie Walk 7am-8:30am and possibly lunchtime
January 13th
Parent Work Session
January 22
Lutheran School's Week (School Assembly)
February 2nd
Mom's Night Out 7pm
March 9th
Rollerskating Party – Skateworld of Troy 5:15-7:15pm
April 28th
Parent Work Session 8a – 12
May 7th
Teacher Appreciation Week
May 9th
Flower Sale Deadline
May 16th
Flower Sale Delivery
May 25th
Field Day
May 31st
General Membership Meeting/PTL Officer Elections 2:30pm