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Our goal at Our Shepherd Lutheran School is to prepare and enable our students to use technology more effectively and efficiently. Students will use the computer as a productivity tool, communication tool, research tool, and problem-solving tool. Our philosophy is to integrate technology into the curriculum, use technology to enhance, not replace instruction and help students understand that technology is the gateway to information sources.
Kindergarten through Second Grade
Skills and objectives are centered around computer awareness, keyboarding, navigating through Internet resources, and word processing. Students will work together using digital tools and explore all aspects of Digital Citizenship. Web 2.0 tools include but are not limited to: Coding, BrainPOP Jr., Education City, ABCYA, and Dance Mat Typing.
Third through Fifth Grade
Keyboarding and word processing skills continue to be taught with an emphasis on critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving. Students will work together to produce media-rich content, as well as individual projects that express creative thinking. Students utilize Google Apps for Education during most class periods. Web 2.0 tools include but are not limited to: Coding, BrainPOP, Education City, Typing Web, Voki, Microsoft Office, and Story Jumper.
Sixth through Eighth Grade
The main goal is to prepare our students for high school and beyond. We teach our students how to appropriately communicate, solve problems, access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create using technology. Web 2.0 tools include but are not limited to 21 things for Students, BrainPOP, Google Apps for Education, Microsoft Office, Pixton, and Google Code. We also focus on Digital Citizenship and teaching students how to keep a clean Digital Footprint. 
Coding in Grades K-8
Coding is a valuable skill in today's tech driven world. Only 1 in 4 schools teach coding, while there are over 500,000 open computing jobs in the United States. Students in grades K-8 have been coding in technology class using the website, Code.org. Our students are using basic 'block coding' to complete tasks. Underneath the blocks are Java Script Code. Java is used to create apps, games, and websites. Students are using logical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and persistence. Student can pace themselves throughout these activities. The goal is to help our 21st century learners develop an understanding of Computer Science. Computer Science is not learning about a technology, it is about creativity and logic. If you are interested in coding at home, here are some valuable resources: